This Protein Hair Mask Will Strengthen Strands

I used to get worked up about adding “hair mask application” to my beauty ritual because giving conditioner enough time to soak into hair always felt like a drag. That was until I realized I was unwittingly multitasking already; coating strands in unctuous oils pre-workout, spraying on a DIY geranium rose heat protector before scorching it with a 400-degree heat tool (yeah, I tong my already curly hair).

Just like skin, hair needs regular maintenance to look healthy. And there’s a big difference between a conditioning and protein treatment. A protein treatment helps build up brittle, damaged hair, making everything thicker, healthier, and just sexier. Sometimes after you use a protein treatment your hair will feel drier, but don’t stress, this is totally normal and will just require some extra conditioning a few days later—what’s more important is all that lovely repair happening under the surface. If you need some extra softness in your life, then this DIY aromatherapy conditioner will help.

DIY Hair Protein Treatment



  1. Warm shea butter until melted.
  2. Spoon yogurt into the melted shea butter.
  3. Add molasses and continue to stir. The mixture will become light brown and smell delish!
  4. Tie your hair into a ponytail and apply the mixture from your crown to your tips.
  5. Leave in for a few minutes or through an episode of your favorite show…

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